Trust and the lessons it carries

Dearest friends & family. Today I had a good talk with my brother that cleared up a lot of my emotional baggage that I was carrying. Even if your family does not completely understand what you are doing, does not mean you have to stop doing what your are doing.

Trust is the biggest currency you have. You can trust that person on the phone that tell you “invest in me, and I make you a millionaire”. At first glance you trust them, no way this person is lying to you and will take all your money because this person would never do such a thing to another person right?

Well, I trusted in the wrong people, and they did take all my money…

I do not blame these people, they showed me that in every hardship in life, there is a return of energy, in this case I learned a harsh lesson. A lesson that pays itself off in three fold.

Now, here is a great picture to demonstrate my ultimate believe.

“If you do not control your mind, someone else will do it for you” – Buddha.

Let that sink in, if your mind is not strong and overrun by negative energies, you will attract that same energy to keep hurting you.

So now trust comes in, I did not trust my own family, I did not trust them because their rules & mindset made me the way I am or should I say… was.

However, after this last talk with my brother, I understand why. They love you! They are careful because they want to make sure you are not going to hurt yourself.

So let my lesson of today be your lesson of today. If your mind if weak at this moment, and you need some help. Call the people you trust the most and allow them into your mind and heal you.

Reply below if this inspired you, or if you believe that this might not be true. Love to hear what you think!

Peace & light – Always


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