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written by Marcel Clobus

Pfo - Solutions

Navigating the sea of Maya

I am an author, yogi, mindset coach & hospitality professional

 The purpose of this website is to inform you about my journey in life, offer insights and provide my services to you.

PFO stands for Plug in – Find – Overcome and I offer multiple solutions on this website that will help your business or help you on a more personal level.  While you browse the website it is my deepest wish that you enjoy your stay.

I love new experiences and meeting new people so feel free to interact with me on Facebook or on Linkedin, you can find me when you scroll all the way below or press the social media buttons on the top right of this page. 

I wish you good health and an even better spirit. Have an awesome day!

Marcel Clobus

Who are you?

My name is Marcel Clobus, and you will mostly likely know me as the Author of the book – You & I: A path to self healing

This website is here to inform you about the services I can provide for your organisation or for you on a personal level. Please sit back and relax while I explain or “flaunt”  my expertise. 

Hospitality professional

My main profession is hospitality. I love to make people feel welcome! 

Just like I welcome you to this website, I will also welcome your guests and your guests as well. My main mission in life is to make everyone I interact with happy and comfortable with themselves and the situation, I do this in every way I can. In your case I do this by providing excellent costumer service to you or your clients. If this is the reason why you came to my website? Then please scroll up and click on the “book a session” button


I am the author of the book, You & I – A Path to self healing. The intention of the book is to help the reader find their own inner light so they can create a bigger impact in the world by sharing their unique skills and insights to the world. Like to know more about the book? Please click here

Community manager

I represent the larger organisation called The Lighthouse Sangha which is a spiritual community focused on removing the constraints of Maya (Illusion) and decided to recognize everything outside of ourselves as ourselves. 

We move into a direction where we gain the knowledge and experience to wake up more brothers and sisters in a loving and non judgmental way.

Our mission
– To unite the world by finding other light workers living their daily lives and are not open for the monastic life.

Our vision
– To build a bridge between the known and the unknown, a Star Trek universe beyond our wildest imagination where our diversity is celebrated instead of shunned.

Our way to achieve this goal
– We are one, one is all. We let the light and inner guru guide us always.

Our Modus Operandi – To bring all those lost on the sea of Maya back to the safe harbors. And be their own light one day. We do this by combing the three main Yogas: Bhakti, Jnana & Karma.



Hospitality professional | Author | Yogi | Coach | Social Media Influencer | Life-Time Learner | Virtual Assistant


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