You & I – A Path to Self Healing

We are one, it is not something I hope to be true or believe to be true, it is something I know to be true. My purpose with this book is not to change you believe or religion. It is simply to show a different approach of thinking that can alleviate or even fully remove any pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.

You are amazing, YOU are beautiful, and you WILL be able to change any circumstances in your live that is causing you negative perceived emotions. Because even though you do not believe in us, we believe in you. Simply because we are you, and you are us.

My intention with this book, we are creatures of bliss that often get lost in comparison. It is time to move mountains, it is time to wake up now!

With the release of the book in August I hope to reach all those who fit in the following categories:

– Feel like you are not yourself anymore

– Wonder if there is something more to the world then what we perceive.

– Those that suffered from psychosis and/or depression and want to find their way back in civilization.

– Those that want to find happiness: not only in the future, they want it in the present as well.

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