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The Story Behind PFO Solutions.

The original concept of PFO Solutions had its humble beginnings on the 14th of November, 2018, at that time I went out with a group of colleagues and friends and named the WhatsApp group “Party Force One”.

It was great fun spending the times outside of work until one night, when I went to the city to go to a party we organized, no one showed up and I was partying by myself.

This is when I had the idea of approaching other seemingly alone people on the dancefloor and asking them if they wanted to be part of Party Force One, this way, whenever they want to go out but their friends or colleagues do not want to go out, they can always find people to party with on the WhatsApp group. The first strangers were added to the group and I started using codenames for each of our new members to keep their identity private, still just having fun.

Also at the same time I was very involved with the expat community of Amsterdam, these are groups of people that just moved to Amsterdam and are looking for other people to meet that are also alone in the City. When I went to a meetup just after starting Party Force One I noticed there was a lot of interest.

One night I recruited a member to the group who also organized Expat meet ups and she gave me advise to monetize the group creating a win, win, win situation. Win for me as I loved bringing people together and would be able to earn money doing what I love, Win for the people participating in the group because they have a great night out with a steady group of people that is always up for a party and Win for the Bar/Club owner for a large group of people.

After this suggestion started to implement house rules*, code names for all members to keep their identity private as well as organise different kind of parties like:

Party Force One – Go to a random bar or club and party true!

Lady Force One – Girls night out lead by one of the female Commanders.

Karaoke Force One – Singing some tunes for all of the world to see.

Latin Force One – Come dance some salsa, merengue or pretend. If you need some free basic lessons come join!

Party Force Bootcamp – If you Like to try to safe money and party without Alcohol or Drugs, come join the Party Force Bootcamp and see how you can have fun and safe money while having a great night out!

The group grew very swiftly and within a month from the beginning we went from 5 members to 70 members.

I was having so much energy and fun bringing people together, and adding value to the lives of others that had a hard time getting to know people when they just moved to Amsterdam. This was until December 2018 when neglecting my health I was launched into psychosis while on Holiday in Bali.

My whole perspective on life changed and my purpose changed with it.

I started to understand that life was an illusion, and started to explore deeper meanings behind everything. This also meant Party Force One. As most people were looking for connection, many of the members also loved to escape the reality that is their life for short term pleasure.

I understood from my own inner dialogue that the reason why Party Force One was such a huge personal success was because it created unity between people with a common cause. I was able to create a culture together with my fellow friends & colleagues that was purely based on love, being who you want to be & escaping the every day life.

And from there I wanted to create something that was not short term, but life changing.

I started to invest in coaching programs, reading books about growth & watching you tube videos dedicated to a better planet. And wanted to get serious about changing lives. However back in those days I started a new job as a Night Manager for three different hotels and my values did not align with the values of the company which launched me in a deep depression completely doubting my own reality & neglecting my growth.

It was in November, 2019, exactly one year after the formation of the original Party Force One when I started to work for myself after an old colleague approached me with an opportunity that was to good to ignore.

PFO – Solutions is founded to create a better world with a stronger you in it based on the value of the original “Party Force One”, and therefore I will always aim to keep growing my own knowledge & experience on helping you find your purpose and create an illusion for yourself that brings you true happiness without compromise.

If your business or life seems like it is not moving forward, feel free to schedule a call and lets see what we can do for eachother.

Hi, I’m Marcel Clobus.

While I am improving my skills daily, I offer my services as an Author, Yogi, Hospitality Professional, business owner, Youtuber & Relocation Assistant.

Hospitality Professional

I have been in the hospitality industry for over 13 years in 7 different countries around the world

Transformational Coach

With using self developed techniques I can help you come over any potential mindset blocks you might have.

Content Writer

I am the Author of the book: You & I – A Path to self healing and run a facebook based blog.

Website Creator & Community leader

I developed this website and I can help develop yours, I also run the discord Community “The Lighthouse Sangha” and I love to offer my services as a community leader for your own website as well!

Out of the Box – Brainstormer

My MBIT type is an ENFP, I am know for having big and bold ideas, if you or your company is stuck and needs a creative thunderstorm to enter your building, I am the guy 😉 


Some history

2007 - 2020

Worked in Hospitality industry, from my humble beginnings at a cocktail bar in Spain, to being a night manager for three seperate hotels at the same time. 


Started the “Party force one” movement for Expats in The Netherlands


Started my own business providing night manager solutions to Hotels in the Amsterdam city area


Started writing the spiritual based book: You & I – A Path to Self healing


Continueing from the success of the book and the online community “The Lighthouse Sangha” I offer my services as a Writer, Yogi, Coach and more. Feel free to contact me if you like to get to know more about me and what I can do for you! 

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