Being Faithful

Being Faithful

Being Faithful… a word that meant a lot to me for a long time, I used to think that it meant dedicating your body, mind & spirit to the mercy of others.

This was until I received my wake-up call in December 2018.

Faithful is when you work with blood, sweat, and tears for the same company for 20 years and after one crisis you get laid off due to not reaching the projected outcome of the shareholders…

Faithful is when you spend every single living moment providing for your family until one day your husband or wife leaves for another person.
Faithful is following a set of beliefs that do not always serve you back.
Faithful is not cheating on your partner for 8 years, and then abusing your good faith by doing the cheating themselves because you will never leave them anyways.

Faithful is giving everything you have to others, without expecting anything in return.

For some of you, this is reality, you are faithful to others, serving others, pleasing others and the strongest among you gain pleasure in doing so.

But, if you are not happy serving others, then ask yourself the question. When was the last time someone was faithful to you? Know that the only person that deserves your faith is yourself, the only person that deserves unconditional love is yourself.

Why? Because the only person that will always be there is YOU… And once you realize this, then you can provide for all others that need a little faith. As you are a self-sufficient source of energy.

My mission is to create a better world with a stronger you, to make sure that you overflow with love, faith in yourself, and compassion for others.

Once you master the techniques I will teach you in my upcoming book you will be able to have unconditional FAITH in yourself, and not only that.

You will be able to provide more strength for the ones that you love. Because once you do not need them anymore to feel love, you have even more love to give!

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